Overland Adventure VANS

Clocked Out - Overland Adventure Vans

Built to order. The process is quite simple.

We prefer that you provide the van, but from time to time we will offer an Adventure Van as a DEMO build. Our go to for this is the Ford Transit AWD 148" (or) the Factory up-fitted Ford Transit Trail 4WD 148".

Currently we are up-fitting a Brand New 2023 148 XL AWD 350

For more information or to reserve this build please call us at 208-999-8477.



  • 400-watt solar
  • 5 AMP HOUR  EcoFlow Battery and Independence Power System (expand up to 15 AMP HOUR
  • Dual alternator 
  • 30 AMP Shore Power


  • 12 Volt Domestic RTX2000 Air conditioner ( runs up two 8 hours on the battery system)
  • Webasco gasoline heater

LED lights on dimmers. 

120 volt power to outlets  ( runs off on the battery system, solar, shore or alternator).


Off Grid Overland - Adventure Van by: Clocked Out

Modified Windows
Flare Space - bump outs and sliding windows (creates more space for your bed and frees up space in the "living" area)
    • Upholster with soft Genuine Leather and a plush padded Fabric surround.
    • Includes LED Reading Lights
    • Includes: Power switches to the cabin lights
    • Includes: USB wall mount charger
    • Includes custom fitted Mattress and Linens
  • Awning window on the Slider Door
  • Window coverings (insulated)(magnetic)


  • Swivel Seats
  • L Track wall system. (easily remove cabinets)


  • Sound damping - Kilmat
  • Insulation - 3M Thinsulate, Re-flex Liner + Cork

Layers + Values

  • Walls & Ceiling- KiltMat + 3M Thinsulate, Re-flex Liner + Covering. Calculated:  R13
  • Floors. Kilmat, Re-flex Liner, 1/2' iso-board, cork thermabreak, 3/4" Marine decking, LonCoin Waterproof floor with ( moisture sealed edges) + Available plush Boat Guard soft touch Vinyl + Felt removable floor covering. Calculated:   R-16


  • Wall coverings: Leathers, woods and fabrics
  • Ceiling covering: Sound Deadening Thermal 3D  3/4" Walnut Slat on a 1/2" Felt Backer and stainless fasteners


  • Walnut & Baltic Birch cabinets
 with Brushed Aluminum and Black Accents (hand crafted  by Clocked Out)
  • Upward swinging cabinet doors
 and slides
  • Upper and Lower cabinets (hand crafted by Clocked Out)
  • Bed frame: Removable and fits a Queen Bed (provided)
  • Removable bed system (hand crafted by Clocked Out)
  • Forward Bench Cabinet and Seating  (hand crafted by Clocked Out)
  • Kitchenette with pressurized water faucet, black Stainless fixtures and Walnut Counter Top. (hand crafted by Clocked Out)

Power System

    • EcoFlow Power Hub - including a 3600W pure sine inverter-charger with max AC output of a whopping 7200W, dual MPPT solar charge controllers, a DC/DC converter, DC/DC battery charger, built-in transfer switch, and plug-in input/output ports for solar, alternator, battery and generator charging.

    • EcoFlow Power Kit Console - a 7" full-color LCD touchscreen for control and monitoring of all electrical system inputs and outputs. You can turn DC and AC inputs on and off, monitor remaining battery capacity

    • EcoFlow AC/DC Distribution Panel - The 3-component panel is designed for 6 AC circuits and 12 DC circuits. It has a transparent exterior faceplate, removable interior face panel, and a deep connection box with knockouts and WAGO-style circuit connectors.

    • EcoFlow Battery - The 48-volt lithium EcoFlow batteries is a massive 5 kWh. These are long-life lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries, which have an operating temperature from -4 F to 122 F because of their built-in auto heating.

    • The 5 kWh EcoFlow Power Kit has one 5 kWh battery. Note that you can also add up to two more 5 kWh batteries in your power system. $4199 per additional 5kWh. 

  • 400w solar panels (expandable)
LED lighting throughout, dimmable ceiling & under cabinet lights

  • Multiple 120V AC outlets
  • Multiple 12 V DC outlets
  • Mobile app power and light compatible 
  • All fuses & circuit breakers are enclosed in an attractive and modern easily accessible eco-box.
  • StarLink Pre-wire

 Webasco (runs off gas tank) tuned for 6000' elevation 
  • Air Conditioner: Dometic 12 Volt / 110 AMP (up to a 10 hour run time on Battery 5kAH Bank) (remote)
  • Vent Van: Maxx Fan Deluxe
  • Water System:
 35 gallon fresh water wheel well tank (interior)
  • Shurflo water pump
Shurflo accumulator tank
Water pump shut-off switch

  • Plumbed for exterior undercarriage Grey water tank
  • City water inlet
 located on water tank behind rear door
  •  Cassette toilet installed on a slide-out behind the cabinet doors under the foot of the bench
  • Hot water + Shower system
  • Gas Instant Heat - Mounted to rear - passenger side door.
  • Includes a 10lb refillable propane tank.

More Features

  • Laguna Table
  • Roof Rack:   Aluminum Lo-Pro - Black   (includes prewire for 3 additional individual power features) ex. lights
  • Awning:  Fiamma 45 (retractable)
  • Running Boards - full size with traction tread- Black
  • Clocked Out branded Yeti Cooler 
  • Clocked Out Graphics Package


  • Roof top accessories, mounts and boxes
  • Rear Door accessories, mounts and boxes
  • Spare tire carrier
  • Roof Top Trail Lights
  • Off road front bumper
  • Off road rear bumper
  • Gear Ladder
  • Rear Windows
  • Under Carriage water tank
  • Under Carriage grey tank
  • Front cab Luna Bed
  • Wheels and Tires
  • Suspension
  • Boat Guard soft touch Vinyl blend + Felt removable floor covering.
  • etc...

Detailed Specifications

* Condition

 - 2023

 -  Ford

 - TRANSIT 350

Driver Train - ALL WHEEL DRIVE

 -  B

 - Boise, ID

 - 293

Fuel Type
 - Gasoline

Engine Type
3.5L Ecoboost

Sleeping Capacity
 - 2-4

Exterior Color - Silver / Grey

Interior Color
 - Grey, Walnut, Black, Silver, Tan